What is Domain Redirection and How Can It Help You

As its name implies, domain redirection is the process of redirecting a domain to a new location. This basically involves “instructing” the DNS to send traffic to a particular page which you can then direct to your DNS settings. When you have a website and want to make sure that the desired traffic is directed to the page that you specify, this may often require that you redirect domains.

Below are a few types of domain redirection;

    • 301 (Permanent redirection) – this is a permanent redirect, which in most instances is the best way of implementing redirects on a site.
    • 302 (Temporary redirection) – this is a temporary redirection. With this type of redirect, search engines need to understand whether they should maintain the old page, or replace it with the new page.

The Role of the DNS

The DNS, which stands for Domain Name Server, can be compared to a phonebook on the Internet. Every domain has its own unique IP address, which is basically a string of numbers. The DNS uses the search query or web address to search for the location of an IP address and then directs traffic to that particular website.

The DNS is responsible for finding the IP address of a website based on the search query input and then directing that search to the appropriate address. If you have created a website and use a web hosting service, you may have seen the settings for domain redirection in your control panel. There are times when using this feature can prove to be not only useful, but necessary to ensure that traffic is directed to the address that it should be pointed to.

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When Your Site Is On a Hosting Platform

Often, especially if you are new to owning a website, you may use a web hosting service to showcase your website creation or maybe utilize a company web portal, but you would like to have traffic go straight to your web page. This is when it is most useful to use domain redirection.

For example, if your website is found on www.webhostingservice.com/—mywebsite and you have purchased the domain www.mywebsite.com then you can redirect all traffic that you send to www.mywebsite.com. Even though it does not have a unique dedicated IP, all traffic will be directly redirected to your web page.

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